At George Costello Creative, LLC, we’ve been designing award-winning graphics for print and digital media since 2012. In that time, we’ve delivered a robust and unique portfolio of creative solutions for many clients in the flavor, fragrance, and ingredient industry. We’ve applied the same energy and creativity to other industries, achieving exceptional results in diverse sectors such as automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, and information technology.

For every client in every industry, we deliver the high-quality creative products and services that our customers can depend on. We partner with marketing, sales, and internal design teams to bring fresh ideas to life. We also support advertising and marketing agencies, well-funded startups, and small businesses by executing their most demanding projects and surmounting creative challenges on-time and within budget. We offer refreshing insights and provide a wide range of services to supplement in-house resources.

Our staff has more than 22 years of experience in solving creative problems and crafting strong visual communications. We build and strengthen brands, and increase sales growth, revenue, and market share. Our results-driven focus and our laser-sharp attention to detail allow us to deliver beautiful, creative products.

Because we build solid, long-lasting partnerships, we’re experts at anticipating project needs and maximizing visual impact. We work alongside you to ensure every project’s success, delivering a broad spectrum of products and services. Our insights into the latest design trends and media channels will enhance your ability to connect with your consumers in meaningful ways.


We understand our clients’ clients. Our Owner/Chief Creative Officer spent more than eight years as an in-house Art Director, solving the most complex design and messaging challenges for a global flavor and fragrance house. Marketing executives relied on his expertise to create tools, develop product concepts, craft corporate communications, manage creative operations, and expand business opportunities. Management depended on him to train marketing teams to craft clean, professional, consistent presentations that communicated branding strategies and highlighted their value. His experience allows us to anticipate the needs of flavor and fragrance clients, and it benefits every design we create.

We understand that your customers require quality, authenticity, technical competency, innovation, sustainable alternatives, creativity, quick turnarounds, and consumer acceptance. We also know your customers rely on you to produce information about consumer trends and demographic data to support creative strategies. Our Owner/CCO's vision and our staff’s expertise result in exceptional, ‘on-brand’ visuals — freeing your team to develop and deliver the data-supported messaging solutions your clients require.


While providing graphic design services to a wide range of industries, we most often solve creative challenges for the following clientele:  
Marketing & Sales Departments: Operating within organizations, these teams rely on our creative prowess when project requirements exceed their internal resources.
In-House Design Teams: These designers often supplement their capabilities with our support, or rely on our objective, external perspective to maximize the impact of their work.
Advertising & Marketing Agencies: Whether requiring external perspective or additional capacity, advertising & marketing agencies rely on our expert staff to dig in and seize the day.
Startups & Small Businesses: We enable principals to deliver high-quality sales & marketing materials without the financial burden of staffing a full-time creative department.

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We’re small, respected, highly skilled, and superbly effective. Because of our size, each designer assumes broad roles and executes most aspects of a project. This high-level engagement enables us to deliver exceptional quality amidst changing project demands, with flexibility and nimbleness that few firms can match. Because we maintain a direct chain-of-command and work with only a few clients at a time, we provide unsurpassed attention and personalized service. We deliver real-world, premium design solutions at a competitive price that will positively impact your bottom line.

While layers of personnel can limit accessibility to large agencies, our client-partners gain direct access to our designers and our Owner/CCO. Regardless of your communication method, we’ll respond to inquiries within 24 hours. Our online scheduling tool makes it easy to arrange calls and meetings with our staff.

Most work comes to our firm by referral, so our marketing and advertising expenses remain low, a savings we pass on to clients. Because we don’t ordinarily study demographics, perform significant statistical analyses, or assemble focus groups, we keep costs down. We concentrate on developing innovative concepts for print and digital media, so we typically won’t take on massive campaigns that include television or radio.

When project requirements exceed our core capabilities, we retain trusted professionals who’ve earned our respect. Our long-time partners develop marketing strategies, plan campaigns, and events, manage social media, develop innovative websites, and produce high-quality video and media animation. They also provide retail and trade show displays, retail packaging, printed goods, and custom apparel. This staffing flexibility allows us to deliver a broad range of services at lower cost than larger firms.

We welcome the opportunity to provide your team with a competitive edge, differentiate your brand, and make your organization stand out from its competition. To learn how we can support your next initiative, contact our Owner/CCO by email, or click here to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.