Thank you for considering George Costello Creative as your creative partner. We know that working with a design firm for the first time often prompts a few questions and sometimes a few concerns. What type of investment am I looking at? How successful will you be in interpreting my needs? How can you produce what I need most effectively and most efficiently?

Your Investment
Like all service organizations, your investment will be based on the amount of time and resources we must allocate to your project. And believe it or not, there are many non-design related tasks that must be accomplished prior to creative development. Read more about our creative process. Currently, we offer both project-based and retainer engagements. Depending on how many phases your project requires over what length of time, allows us to suggest the most appropriate option for you. Our pricing is about 10%-15% less than other firms with comparable quality, customer service, responsiveness, and experience. Project costs can range from as low as one thousand dollars up to tens of thousands, depending on your needs, overall scope, and budget. Don’t worry; we always provide a detailed Statement of Work for your approval before we begin. And we adhere to these estimates unless your needs or the project scope changes.

Laying The Foundation
The first thing we do after being assigned a project is to schedule an information gathering session between our creative team and your key stakeholder(s) which may be you. We are interested not only in scheduling, medium, budget, messaging, job specifications, and the like, but also in your preferences, target audience, and key objectives. Although this process may be time-consuming, it is vital to the success of your project. It will help you sharpen your focus, articulate your goals, and help us ensure that what we produce is not only creatively excellent, but effective.

Developing The Right Ideas
Despite popular misconceptions, good creative work doesn’t often come in a flash of inspiration; rather, it comes from trial and error. This iterating allows us the time to consider several concepts, work them through, and try them out. We then revise them as necessary. Also, there are usually some practical and functional ends we need to tie up before submitting our ideas such as internal reviews, production estimates, scheduling requirements, and sub-contractor availability (if applicable). All this, plus the need to schedule our workflow in a businesslike fashion, means that we ask for up to two weeks lead time, depending on the job’s complexity, before we submit our rough concepts for your review. In the case, you have a rush project or deadline pressure we'll do our best to adjust our workflow and timing accordingly. Please note that we do charge a rush fee for projects that require delivery in less than five days because of our need to reschedule prior commitments.

It is our experience that it is best if we first submit our rough concepts to your key stakeholder(s) and maybe one or two others at most. This limited audience ensures that we all stay focused on the problem and are not distracted by subjective opinions. Our rough concepts may consist of sketches, mood boards, screenshots or rough layouts depending on the final application. These are adequate to convey what we believe is the best approach, taking into consideration your budget, schedule, objectives, and preferences. On the other hand, they are not so well developed as to have wasted time and effort if we require a course correction.

After submission, we’ll ask for comments. The more objective and precise you can be, the better we’ll be able to respond. Comments are necessary input for revising the rough concept(s) into a finished one. Initial revisions typically take us about a week, and we’ll schedule a second meeting or call shortly thereafter. After we receive your feedback, further minor refinements are made as necessary.

Ensuring Your Satisfaction
We recommend the final submissions be routed to the appropriate decision makers for fact and detail checking only, reserving stylistic and subjective decisions to your key stakeholder(s). To avoid costly confusion, it is also important that all communications with our team come from a single point of contact throughout your projects life cycle.

During the project, we do everything we can to keep you informed of our progress. Activities that will affect the schedule or budget are identified in writing. Our goal is to keep your project moving ahead quickly, smoothly, and cost-effectively; to ensure that we’ll produce even better results than you expected.

If you have further questions about how we work, please don't hesitate to reach out to connect@georgecostellocreative.com or call 609-365-1910. Otherwise, we look forward to creating with you!

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